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Dear Visitor,

You are welcomed to financially support the activities of Biebrza National Park. We have  launched special bank account for donations supporting our activities. You can choose to support particular projects or our actions in general.

Anonymous donations are welcome, although we also hope to publish some of our acknowledgements on the website if you express written permission.

Individuals and institutions wishing to donate to us are encouraged to contact by email or by phone to our office – Tel: (+48) 857 380 620; 857 383 000; Fax: (+48) 857 383 021

We suggest the following, most  important and urgent actions to be supported:

1. Installation of speed bumps on "Tsar Road" ("Carska Droga"), between Osowiec-Twierdza and Laskowiec.

Single speed bump set with signage costs about 10 000 PLN ($ 3 000 or ₤ 2 000). One of such sets is funded by Mońki District Office. Second one by Biebrza National Park. We need funds for another ones. If you express a written permission, your name or name of your institution will be placed on the bump signage.

2. Polish Primitive Horse Breeding Center in Grzędy.

This center is a reserve where Polish Primitive Horses are bred. The reserve is over 200 hectares large and allows the animals to seek food, live and procreate without human intervention. The only things that we do is monitoring the herd, hay provision when the snow cover is thick, fence conservation and health examinations twice a year. During such examinations the horses are dewormed, microchipped and samples of blood and faeces are taken for parasitologic assays. Every year there is an auction on which we sell horses which don't comply with the breed standards and of unidentified parentage. In 2014 we decided to exclude two horses from the reserve and adapt them to horseriding and into a horse team. You can support the Center in general or adopt chosen animals. In this case we will give you the list of our horses to choose from.

3. Animal Rehabilitation Center in Grzędy.

This Center is inhabited by animals that cannot live in the wild. There is one wolf named Bystry (Cunning), which was raised amongst humans. Pair of orphaned elks (Wala and Wiktor) -  their parents died in a car accident – gave birth to an adorable calf in 2013. We are also looking after a sow named Kasia (Kate) and a dozen of white storks. In summer we take care of several dozen white storks, which are raised there and then usually released to migrate with other storks. We need to adapt the Center to keep wounded and hurt birds throughout whole year. Donations will be used for animal food, building and conservation of fences and aviaries and veterinary services. You are welcome to adopt a choosen animal.

Please accept our sincere acknowledgements for support,

Roman Skapski

Director, Biebrza National Park

translated by Joanna Chmielewska, Malgorzata Gorska


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