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Horse trails

Horse trail of the Augustowska Forest
Trail starts at the Grzędy forest lodge, goes through Orzechówka, Tajenko, Sosnowo lock and forest divisions of Białobrzegi, Augustów, Płaska, Szczebra, Suwałki and finishes at Wigry National Park.
The length of trail: 246 km.

More infromation about trail at: Karol Chodkiewicz, Nadleśnictwo Rajgród,
tel. + 48 086 273 33 10, mob. 604 637 122, e-mail:



Early return of cranes

Early return of cranes
2014.02.21  -  Early thaw in Biebrza river valley in late February made it possible for cranes to return to nesting areas.

Moose head count

Moose head count
2014.02.19  -  Last wednesday (18 Feb) several lovers of wetland fauna joined forces to participate in annual winter elk head count.

Park slogan chosen!

2014.02.05  -  31 January 2014 we announced a contest of slogans for Biebrza National Park.

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