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There are 486 km marked trails within the Biebrza National Park boundaries.
Water trails along the rivers: Biebrza, Sidra, Jegrznia, Brzozówka, Wissa and the Woznawiejski Canal, the Rudzki Canal, the Augustowski Canal - total length 223.2 km
8 bicycle trails - total length 60.1 km
14 hiking trails - total length 164.1 km
10 educational trails - total length 25.2 km

For your convenience there are watchtowers, observation platforms and interpretation boards placed along the trails. The Field Educational Centre with paths, watchtowers, interpretation boards and boardwalk is located close to the Osowiec-Twierdza Train Station. Trails at the area of Barwik and Grzedy forest lodge are the most interesting.

The campsites of the Biebrza National Park are situated in Osowiec-Twierdza and "Bialy Grad" at the Biebrza River as well as at Barwik and Grzedy in the woodlands. The campsite with showers and toilets are available in Osowiec-Twierdza, Dolistowo, Jasionowo.

20 kayaks, 5 canoes, 2 boats are available for rent at the Osowiec-Twierdza campsite. 6 double and triple rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen are available in Grzedy forest lodge (booking e-mail: The other campsites at the Biebrza River are indicated in the description of the accommodation and the kayak trails of the Biebrza River.

Birdwatchers and ornithologists from Europe regularly visit the area. It is possible to arrange trips with English or German speaking guides.


Tourism in Biebrza National Park

There are 457,5 km of trails in Biebrza National Park:

On some of them there are observation towers and bridges as well as footbridges that facilitate walking through swampy area. At the Osowiec railway station in Osowiec there is Field Educational Center with observation towers, footpaths and educational banners. Above mentioned trails are part of marked trails system of Podlaskie Voivodeship, several thousand kilometers long.
Campsites in Osowiec-Twierdza, Barwik and Grzędy include tourist shelters. The best equipped is the campsite in Osowiec-Twierdza (with toilets and showers).

The most attractive for nature lovers are trails near Gugny village and  Barwik natural landmark as well as near Grzędy forester's lodge.

In Grzędy forester's lodge there are 6 rooms for two and three persons (reservation - call +48 85 749 55 99), 2 bathrooms with showers and hot water and kitchen (fridge, gas burner, dishes), where you can prepare meals on your own. "AQUILA" company is entitled to serve tourists in Grzędy conservation zone - contact Kordian Bartoszuk, call +48 512 044 750, e-mail:  

Groups of more than 7 visitors are obliged to hire a licensed Biebrza National Park guide, qualified to serve school trips and tourists from Poland and abroad (languages: English, German, French and Russian).

The most numerous visitors are birdwatchers from around the world and kayakers.

translated by Joanna Chmielewska; 2014


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